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The Gender of Love

I do not condemn people for not being in favor of our kind of love, It's their own belief, and it's their prerogative. All I can do is share what it feels to be in the spectrum where love is not entirely different from theirs but totally different too. It's confusing, I know.

Several ideas come to mind when people ask me about relationships.  A lot are curious about the physical intimacy, and the "role play" of who's the girl or the boy in a relationship, but what they rarely ask is how it feels  to be loved, maybe because that question is so universal and so easy to understand that no gender is entirely unaware of the answer.

Love is knowing your partner's faults and being accepting of it, it's embracing his character, good and bad, with all hopes of becoming an instrument to be a part of his betterment.  What I learned from my past is that love is something you cannot force, but it's something you receive freely- and give freely, It's like …

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